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Looking for UCAT past papers to help you prepare for your UCAT exam? Unfortunately, as the exam is a computerised test, there are no UCAT past papers available. The good news? We have plenty of free UCAT questions and UCAT mock exams for you to use!

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Why are there no UCAT past papers?

The UCAT exam is a two-hour computerised test, assessing your aptitude for Medicine across five sections – Verbal Reasoning, Abstract Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning, Situational Judgement and Decision Making. As the test is computerised, there are no UCAT past papers – but there are practice questions and mock exams available online to help you prepare.

What can I use instead of UCAT past papers?

Every student will have a different way of revising – but most students find it useful to use a preparation book or practice questions in the place of UCAT past papers. 

How Should I Use UCAT Questions to Prepare for the UCAT Exam?

UCAT has a selection of practice questions and mock exams on their website. You can also use our completely free UCAT Question Bank, which has thousands of questions to help you prepare for the UCAT exam. You can use this Question Bank in three stages:

1. Use individual UCAT questions

To start your UCAT revision, try tackling questions from separate sections to familiarise yourself with the types of questions that commonly appear in each one. You can use this to pinpoint the sections you’re not so confident with – for example, if you find yourself making frequent mistakes on the Verbal Reasoning section, you could spend some time on the answer explanations for each question to support your learning.

2. Try UCAT mini mock exams

Another good option in place of UCAT past papers is to try the two mini mock exams available on the question bank. 

3. Try a full, timed mock UCAT exam

Finally, for a realistic idea of the exam, try our mock UCAT exam. Our full mock includes 233 questions across all five sections of the exam, lasting 115 minutes – perfect UCAT preparation in place of UCAT past papers.

Try our UCAT Question Bank and Mock Exams

Looking for BMAT past papers?

Taking the BMAT and looking for past papers? You can access a range of BMAT practice papers on the Admissions Testing Service website. You might also find it useful to read our page on how to use BMAT Past Papers effectively.

In addition, we have over 500 questions in our BMAT Question Bank, covering Section 1, Section 2 (Maths, Biology, Chemistry and Physics) and Section 3 of the exam to help you prepare. Like our UCAT Question Bank, this also includes comprehensive answer explanations to boost your learning.

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