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Parents’ Guide: UKCAT and BMAT

Is your child applying to universities requiring a UKCAT and BMAT score? Want to support them in their revision but not sure how?

This page will provide you with information on how best to support your child in preparing for their UKCAT and BMAT exams – from booking their test to helping them practice their mental maths.

How can I help my child prepare for their UKCAT or BMAT?

If your child is sitting their UKCAT or BMAT (or both!), that’s probably all you’ve heard about for months! Here are a few ways you can help your child revise for their exams.


Encourage them to book their test

Make sure your child books their UKCAT or BMAT test as soon as possible so that they can begin working towards a date and get started on their revision. For their UKCAT, remind them that they’ll need to register for this themselves – their school does not register on their behalf! They can register for the UKCAT here. For the BMAT, your child will need to ask their exams officer if they can administer the exam for them – if their school is not a testing centre, they can apply through the Admissions Testing Centre here.

Practice questions

This is one of the best ways you can help your child prepare for their UKCAT or BMAT. Set aside some time on a weekend or evening to go through our UKCAT Question Bank or BMAT Question Bank with them – they can write their answers down, and then you can look at the mark scheme together. You could set a goal of tackling ten questions or a revising a particular section each day – for example, you could run through UKCAT Verbal Reasoning one evening, and Decision Making the following night. This may be a good way for your child to break their revision down into smaller sections so it feels easier to tackle.

Find new ways to test them

You can help your child find different ways of revising: for example, you could ask them to practice their mental maths for the BMAT by adding up the total cost of the food shopping! For BMAT Section 2, which tests Scientific Knowledge, you could encourage them to make flashcards. You can then test them on their knowledge of specific subjects by asking them to talk you through the each topic’s key facts.

Encourage them to take a break

If your child is sitting the UKCAT or BMAT, the likelihood is that they’ll be feeling the pressure of revising, on top of their school responsibilities, and thinking about their university applications at the same time. Remember to encourage them to take a break from their studies to do something fun and to make time to see their friends – and remind them that they can’t do their best work if they’re tired! If they’re struggling to unwind, perhaps take them out at the weekend or suggest watching a film together to take their mind off revision.

Suggest they attend a UKCAT or BMAT Course

While attending a course isn’t necessary to a good exam score, they may really help if your child is struggling with their revision. You could suggest booking them onto a UKCAT Course or BMAT Course to help them. If they need help with specific areas, they may also benefit from one-to-one tutoring – you could consider our private UKCAT Tutoring and BMAT Tutoring.

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