Dentistry Interview Prep

After sending off your completed UCAS application, hopefully you will receive invitations to at least one Dentistry interview at your chosen Dental Schools!

Whilst getting an interview is a great achievement, you want to maximise your chances of getting an offer following your Dentistry interview.

In order to help you, we’ve written this page to provide you with some information on the Dentistry interview process. Make sure to research which interview style is used at the Dental School you have an interview for in particular, as they often have lots of information on their websites entailing the specifics. This information is also often included in the interview invitation, by post or email.

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What are the Different Types of Dentistry Interview?

MMI style Dentistry Interview Traditional style Dentistry interview

How Dental Schools interview candidates vary, this depends on their preference for interviewing. There are two categories for Dental Interviews:

It is definitely a good idea to know what both of these Dentistry interview styles entails. To find out more, click on each link.

What sort of questions could you be asked?

Be sure to prepare for the more ‘traditional’ style Dentistry interview questions – regardless of whether you have an MMI or panel interview in store. Most candidates have to answer the “why Dentistry?” question sooner or later!

To discover other kinds of questions you need to prepare for, have a look at our Dentistry Interview Questions page.

Is Manual Dexterity Assessed at a Dentistry Interview?

This varies depending on the Dental School, and you may not have thought about this until you sent off your UCAS application! Usually, if manual dexterity is assessed at interview, there will be an indication of this in the interview invitation. It’s a good idea to think about any personal examples of manual dexterity prior to your interview, as you might have an opportunity to speak about them, or bring them out to show your interviewers! Here are some useful ways to practice manual dexterity:

If you complete any work experience at a Dental laboratory and are given the chance to make something relevant to Dentistry, bring that along to your interview.

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