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Decision Making is designed to test how well you can apply logic in four areas:

  • Deductive Reasoning: You are given a paragraph of text, with four/five associated ‘conclusions’. You need to decide whether each of these conclusions follow from the text or not, by selecting ‘Yes’ or ‘No’.
  • Evaluating Arguments: You are given a question starting with ‘Should…?’, with four associated arguments for or against the question. You need to select the best argument.
  • Figural Reasoning: You are given a sequencing dilemma. You will need to deduce the order or placement of objects or people, before selecting one of the possible answers.
  • Statistical Reasoning: You are given a table, probability statement or graph and asked to make deductions from this information, selecting one of four/five possible answers.

At the end of each scenario you will see which questions you got right or wrong. Click on the question to go back, and click ‘explain answer’ on the question page to get a detailed worked explanation. We recommend reading the explanations even if you were correct to boost your learning.

If you leave the question bank it will restart where you left off the next time you log in.

Please do not use the ‘back’ or ‘forward’ arrows on your web browser when using the online question bank.

Please note, ‘drag and drop’ style questions can only be answered on a computer; tablets and iPads do not support this functionality.

Good luck!


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