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The Abstract Reasoning section is designed to test your ability to recognise patterns amongst distracting material.

You will be presented with four question types:

  • Type 1: You are presented with two ‘sets’ of shapes (Set A and Set B) followed by five ‘test shapes’. You need to decide if the ‘test shape’ fits into Set A, Set B or neither set A nor set B.
  • Type 2: You are presented with a series of shapes, alternating form one box to the next. You need to say which of four shapes would come next in the sequence.
  • Type 3: You are presented with a ‘statement’ of two sets of shapes — where changes have been applied to one set of shapes to create a new one. You must then apply the same changes to a set of test shapes and choose which of four options comes next.
  • Type 4: A  variation on Type 1 questions, but instead of five sequential ‘tests shapes’ you are presented with four ‘test shapes’ simultaneously and have to decide which one of the four belongs to either Set A or B.

At the end of each scenario you will see which questions you got right or wrong. Click on the question to go back, and click ‘explain answer’ on the question page to get a detailed worked explanation. We recommend reading the explanations even if you were correct to boost your learning.

If you leave the question bank it will restart where you left off the next time you log in.

Please do not use the ‘back’ or ‘forward’ arrows on your web browser when using the online question bank.

Good luck!


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