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Introduction To Med School Interviews

Replay this introductory webinar to get prepared for your medical school interviews. You’ll find out answers to questions like:

  • How do medical interviews work?
  • What questions might you be asked?
  • What are interviewers looking for?
Group 8

Hot Topics & Ethics For Interviews

Are you up to date on the latest hot topics concerning the NHS and medical ethics? Catch up on our webinar to find out:

  • What are the big developments in the NHS in 2023?
  • How might interviewers test your knowledge?
  • What are the pillars of ethics and how might you be tested on them?
Group 8

The Hardest MMI Stations Acted Out

MMI Interviews can be daunting and unfamiliar. Catching up on our webinar will help you prepare by allowing you to:

  • Watch a role play of good and bad responses to interview questions
  • See how examiners might use real actors in order to test your empathy skills
Group 8

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