Medical School

How To Choose Between Your Medical School Offers

1st March 2023

After you've received offers, these key points will help you to decide on your firm and insurance choices for Medicine.

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6 Things To Do After You Get A Medicine Offer

22nd February 2023

So you've received an offer to study Medicine... What happens next? Find out the 6 things you should do after getting an offer.

How to Make Most of Summer Before Med School

6 Ways To Make The Most Of The Summer Before Med School

20th July 2022

Here are six things you can do to make the most of your summer before starting Medical School.

5 Tips To Prepare For Med School Over The Summer

10th June 2022

Whilst you're waiting for A-Level results, do these things to keep busy during the summer and prepare for university life.

How Studying For My A-Levels Prepared Me For Med School

10th March 2022

Find out how your experience of studying for A-Levels prepares you for being a university Med student.

Dos And Don’ts Of Secondary Care Clinical Placements At Med School

2nd March 2022

Get some insight from a Med student into what you can expect from secondary care clinical placements when you’re studying Medicine.

5 Things You Should Know Before Starting Med School

24th February 2022

If you're getting ready to start Med School this year, here are some words of advice from a Med student at Bristol University.

How I Use My A-Level Biology Knowledge At Med School

17th February 2022

Check out this guide from a St Andrews student to how your A-Level Biology knowledge will be put to use at Medical School.

How I Use My A-Level Chemistry Knowledge At Med School

10th February 2022

Discover how your A-Level in Chemistry will be put to use at Medical School with this insight from a Med student at St Andrews.

Update: New Brokerage System For 2021 Medicine Places

10th August 2021

Find out how the new places are being allocated.


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