Medical School

A person is interviewed for medical school

Interview Tips I Wish I’d Known

5th January 2021

Medical school interviews can be absolutely terrifying, especially if you’ve never been in an interview scenario before – it’s hard to know what to expect and people often panic about not being able to answer questions. Don’t worry though, as I’ve put together some tips for you based on the things that I wish I’d…

Writing your personal statement

How to Start Writing Your Personal Statement

26th August 2020

  You know exactly why you want to study medicine and you’re super excited to start applying, but when it comes to writing your Medicine personal statement your mind goes blank and you have no idea what to say. If this sounds familiar, then here are some tips to help get the personal statement ball…

Writing medicine personal statement

Writing the Perfect Introduction for Your Personal Statement

23rd August 2020

  Whilst it’s important for your whole personal statement for medicine to be unique, it’s even more important for the introduction of your personal statement to stand out. A powerful introduction for your personal statement is essential for making a strong first impression, yet it can be the hardest part to write. Here are five…

A Student’s Perspective on Pathways to Medicine

17th February 2020

I chose to study Medical Biochemistry at Swansea because I was eager to learn more about our intricate bodily processes. After starting my degree, I began to think about what I wanted to spend the rest of my life doing and, honestly, I wasn’t sure where to begin. I knew I wanted to further my…

5 Pressures the NHS Faces This Winter

5th December 2019

The NHS is under increasing pressure year upon year, but winter is the time when the pinch is felt most. With the cold comes flu season, and with more people being admitted to hospital, there can be a lack of beds. Staff shortages are felt even more keenly during this time of increased pressure. Here…

5 Top Tips for Staying Motivated at the End of Term

3rd December 2019

The winter term is always the most tiring and by the last few weeks, it can be tough to stay motivated and not switch to holiday mode early. However, it is possible to keep a balance of getting into the holiday mood and staying motivated. Your future self will definitely thank you for keeping on…

medical school exam

6 Top Tips for Succeeding in Your First Medical School Exam

21st November 2019

Medical school can be quite daunting at first, with a very heavy content load and a whole new way of learning. At some point in the first term, most medical students will be faced with their first exam, be it formative or summative. Regardless of whether it counts towards you passing the year or not,…

Medical school Manchester

Diaries of a Manchester Medical Student – Part Two

We asked a student studying at medical school in Manchester to document a typical week in their life of studying medicine. Read the second part to find out what they experienced this time and to keep up to date with their exciting life at medical school. Monday 4th November As always, an early start was…


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