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Between June and October 2016, we delivered UKCAT courses to over 1,500 students across a range of schools and in over nine UK cities, including Oxford, Cambridge and London. So – how did we do?

Our UKCAT Courses are led by qualified doctors, education experts and admissions specialists.

94% of our students said that they found their tutor ‘very professional, they arrived on time, were smart and delivered the course well’.

UKCAT Course

One student said that their tutor was ‘approachable’ and that it was incredibly useful to hear experience from a current medical student who has recently completed the UKCAT course. Another attendee noted that ‘the delivery was very professional, clear and direct’.

The course structure helps students tackle all elements of the UKCAT course – and 94% of you rated the course content ‘excellent’ or ‘very good’. Our courses include a copy of our best-selling book, Mastering The UKCAT, and our tutor covers all aspects of the exam in detail, including Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning, Abstract Reasoning, Decision Making and Situational Judgement.

Our attendees said ‘each area of the UKCAT was covered in depth’, with ‘challenging questions’ which were ‘explained clearly with good advice’.

When we went to deliver these courses in different schools, one student said that the information and advice we provided was ‘very clear, with many opportunities to ask questions’.

Our students called their UKCAT course ‘comprehensive’, ‘informative and helpful’ as well as ‘interactive and engaging’.

We pride ourselves on delivering a unique course designed to be as interactive as possible with a handheld device to register electronic answers under time constraints, as well as a key pad to privately track answers against your peers. In our feedback, most of you said that this interactive element was the aspect you valued most.

How did the UKCAT course impact our students?

A huge 99.8% of students we taught said they would recommend the course to a friend!

UKCAT Course

One student said they ‘felt more confident’ after the course and another said that they felt ‘more comfortable with the material’. Another attendee said they came away with ‘a better picture of how the UKCAT test will run’.

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