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Medical education for undergraduates studying at Durham University is delivered in partnership with Newcastle University and the NHS acute hospitals, general practices and public health units in the region.

Each year, Durham University takes around 100 Medicine students. Small class-sizes aid the case-led learning experience and allow students to form strong bonds with other students and tutors.

Case-led learning means that students are introduced to patients right from the start of the course. Exposure to first-hand medical conditions in the surrounding areas gives students the opportunity to participate in local health issues.

The Medicine course is structured around both traditional and modern teaching methods, including lectures, seminars, tutorials and practicals. More modern methods include body painting, modern imaging techniques, ultrasound and SimMan.

For Medicine students at Durham, there are two phases of learning:

Phase I – 2 years

First Year

The course begins with a three-week case-led study on cystic fibrosis. This Foundation Case is then followed by learning based on:

  • Cardiovascular, Respiratory and Renal Medicine
  • Nutrition, Metabolism and Endocrinology
  • Life Cycle
  • Medicine in the Community
  • Personal and Professional Development.

As well as this, students partake in a Family Study Project. This entails following the cycle of a pregnancy and its effect on the family involved.

Second Year

This year is based around case-led learning of the following topics, which will continue into the rest of the five-year course.  These modules include:

  • Thought, Senses and Movement
  • Clinical Sciences and Investigative Medicine
  • Life Cycle
  • Medicine in the Community
  • Personal and Professional Development
  • Student Selected Choice.

Students also take part in a Patient Study. This is to give students experience in observing patients with long-term conditions, and the effect this has on family members or carers.

The purpose of phase I is to teach provide students with the required knowledge base, by case-led teaching.

Queen’s Campus is purpose-built, modern and in at attractive, waterside location. The standard of social and living facilities is high, providing for an excellent student experience.

Phase II – three years

Students are integrated onto the Newcastle University Medicine course for the remaining three years.


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