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The Medic Portal delivers in-person learning across three continents. This includes courses, conferences, tutoring and international offerings. These are available to anyone to book, but are also delivered in-house in top schools around the world. If you are a teacher looking to make an in-house booking, please enquire here. Our courses are created by doctors and are endorsed by the Royal Society of Medicine.

What does in-person learning cover?

In-person teaching in the form of courses and tutoring covers all the major milestones in the medical school application process: UKCAT, BMAT, Interview and personal statement. Conferences include MSAS: the ultimate ‘Get into Medicine’ event in partnership with Brighton and Sussex Medical School. We also offer conferences for teachers and parents.

You can see more detail on all of these options by browsing the tabs below.

Learn in person The Medic Portal way...


If you are a student you can book onto any of our open course dates. If you are a teacher looking to book for your school, please fill in the in-house enquiry form.

We offer the following courses:

UKCAT Courses

Master the UKCAT in one intensive day. We cover all sections of the exam in an interactive course, where students answer questions using handheld electronic devices. We break down the mechanics behind every question type with worked examples. All open course attendees get a free Mastering the UKCAT book worth £14.99. Courses are delivered throughout the UK.

BMAT Courses

Master the BMAT in just one day. Learn how to maximise your score on all three sections of the exam. Our course is created by doctors and Oxbridge Scientists. Courses are delivered throughout the UK.

Interview Courses

Find out what you are likely to be asked – and what the medical school interview panel wants to hear. Learn how to tackle common questions and get to grips with medical ethics and hot topics. You will also get a full mock interview with detailed feedback.

MMI Circuits

Face a real MMI circuit, packed with doctors, medics and actors performing role plays. This is the most popular and realistic MMI simulation there is. Every MMI course 2015 was completely sold out, so book early to secure your place.


The Medic Portal delivers fantastic one-off conferences for students, teachers and parents:

MSAS 2016

The only ‘Get into Medicine’ conference in official partnership with a leading UK university. Hosted at Brighton and Sussex Medical School, just 45 minutes from London, the two day residential event helps you understand what a medical career is really like – and how to excel throughout the application process.

Teacher Conference

Hosted at Eton College, this one-day event equips teachers to provide the best possible support to their aspiring medics.

Parents Conference

Does your son or daughter have their heart set on Medicine? Understanding the application process can be difficult. But it is essential if you are to provide them with the support they need. Find out everything you need to know at this one day event.



The Medic Portal provides face-to-face tutoring on every stage of the Medical School application process. Our tutors are doctors and high achieving medics from top medical school, trained to the highest standards.

We provide tutoring for Medical School on:

  • Application Advice
  • BMAT
  • Interview
  • Personal Statement

Place for private tuition fill up fast so secure your bespoke session today.


We work in countries across Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Find out more about our international courses and when we will be visiting you!


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