“Fit to be a Doctor?” is a new careers assessment designed for 14 – 18 year olds considering a career in medicine.  It examines both the academic and non-academic skills which medical schools look for when recruiting student doctors.  Every year thousands of young people apply to study medicine in the UK, the United States and on English-speaking courses worldwide.  However, many of these candidates are unsuccessful in gaining a place.

Fit to be a Doctor? analyses candidates’ individual strengths and highlights areas of personal development where there is room for improvement.

Fit to be a Doctor? was developed by The Medic Portal and Anglo Schools International Services (ASIS) in partnership with the Royal Society of Medicine. The test can be used for students wishing to identify whether medicine is the right career for them, but is also ideal for those preparing for BMAT and UKCAT and medical school interviews.

The test is delivered online over 90 minutes using technology supplied by Pearson VUE.  

The questions are designed to test students’ academic skills such as data interpretation, problem-solving, lateral thinking, and the ability to analyse and evaluate information in order to make a diagnosis.  They also test non-academic skills such as leadership, communication and organisation skills, empathy and the ability to reflect on and learn from mistakes.  These skills are vital when considering a career in the medical profession.

After completing the test, each test taker will receive the following:

  • A detailed feedback sheet outlining their strengths and weaknesses with practical advice on how to improve their skills, both for the academic and non-academic component of the exam.
  • Three months access to the Royal Society of Medicine’s video library with latest research and lectures (normally only available to Society members).
  • A graded certificate which can be used to support medical applications and demonstrate commitment to studying medicine.

All candidates are also eligible to apply for “Sixth Form Membership” of the Royal Society of Medicine at a reduced student rate of £35.


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