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Welcome To Our Virtual Summer School 2020!

Our first two virtual summer schools are now SOLD OUT. Due to popular demand, we have added another group in August. Book early to avoid missing out!

This brand new offering has been painstakingly created by our doctors to provide the ultimate online programme for aspiring medics in the year of Covid-19.

During a three-week period, you will get unprecedented insight into what a medical career can offer you – and all the tools you need to maximise your chances of a successful application.

After the programme, you will continue to be supported by your individual programme mentor. You’ll also enjoy full access to a comprehensive suite of online courses and tools.

In order to ensure the best possible experience for attendees, we are only able to accept a very limited number of students onto each summer school. Don’t miss out!

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How Will Virtual Summer School Equip You For Success?

By the end of the 3-week programme, you will:

Delivered by Doctors and Expert Tutors

The Virtual Summer School will be delivered exclusively online. It combines a healthy mixture of small-group and individual teaching activities.

Groups will always be limited to a maximum of 10. This ensures the programme is fully-interactive throughout, providing the best possible experience for attendees.

Sessions are delivered by a range of tutors, depending on the topic. This will include qualified doctors, experienced medical students and The Medic Portal’s top-performing tutors.

Personal Mentoring For Your Whole Application

Every participant will be allocated a personal mentor. This mentor will support you throughout your entire medical school application – even after the programme finishes.

Mentors will have regular catch-up sessions with their students, ensuring that they excel throughout the programme and beyond.

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Become A Stronger Candidate In 3-Weeks

The programme runs over three weeks. Each successive week builds upon the last.

Week 1: Building Foundations

The first week is designed to give you an understanding of what studying medicine is like, and what medicine as a career entails.

You will learn how to choose the right medical school for you and how Oxbridge medicine differs. You will also experience your first Problem Based Learning session.

Week 2: Conquering Applications

In the second week, our focus turns to the application process. You’ll learn about the personal statement and begin working on your first draft.

You’ll find out more about the UCAT and BMAT and continue to develop your Problem Based Learning skills.

Week 3: Succeeding at Interview

The third week explores everything related to the interview process. We will focus on medical ethics, including hot topics like capacity and consent.

These will be closely linked to current affairs – and especially how Covid-19 is likely to feature in your interviews this year.

Tutoring Sessions: A Detailed Outline

  TitleObjectivesDuration (Hours)Post-Session Activity
Week 1Session 1What is Medicine?Learn about the history of medicine and how you progress through a medical career.2Suitability exercise mapping your examples to key skills
Session 2The Role of a DoctorLearn from doctors about the good and bad of medicine, and how to make the most of work experience.2Further reading list
Work experience reflection
Session 3Choosing a Medical SchoolFind out what the key factors are when deciding where to apply to medical school.1Shortlisting activity
Session 4Studying MedicineFind out from current medical students what studying medicine is really like, and how Oxbridge medicine differs.1Further reading
Session 5Problem Based Learning 1Experience an actual problem based learning session as a group first hand.1PBL self-directed study activity
Week 2Session 6Problem Based Learning 2Conclude the problem based learning session consolidating your self-directed study done over the weekend.1
Session 7Personal Statement 1Find out how personal statements are used, and how to start writing an amazing statement.2Writing 1st draft PS
Session 8The Role of the MDTExplore the roles of other MDT members.1
Session 9Overview of UCAT & BMATLearn how to prepare for the UCAT and BMAT.1Revision timetable mapping
Session 10Personal Statement 2Discuss your 1st PS draft with your tutor.1Writing 2nd draft PS
Week 3Session 11Medical Ethics 1What is medical ethics? Explore how to approach through cases, discussions and PBL.2PBL self-directed study activity
Session 12The Interview ProcessLearn about the interview process, and how best to prepare.2
Session 13Medical Ethics 2Consolidate your self-directed study and PBL.1
Session 14Current AffairsDiscuss current affairs, and how they might feature in interviews.1Further reading
Session 15Review & Wrap-UpReview and close of programme.1

Access to Online Courses And Training

In addition to the programme outlined above, attendees will get access to the following e-learning and live online training products:

Who is Summer School For?

The Virtual Summer School is open to aspiring medics aged 16 and over.

Graduate entry applicants are welcome to attend.

Prices and Dates

The first Virtual Summer School programmes will run as follows:

The cost is £1,500, all-inclusive.

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What Happens After I Book?

When you book, you will receive a confirmation email.

You will then be contacted by a member of our team. They will ensure that you are smoothly on-boarded.

You will receive codes to enable you to access all included online courses and training.


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