NHS Hot Topics

The 6 NHS Core Values Explained

11th February 2021

Here's what the 6 NHS core values are and examples of them in practice.

COVID-19 NHS Hot Topic – Ventilators

30th April 2020

Ventilators have been a huge talking point during the COVID-19 pandemic. Here’s what you need to know about it for future medical school interviews.

5 Pressures the NHS Faces This Winter

5th December 2019

The NHS is under increasing pressure year upon year, but winter is the time when the pinch is felt most. Here' s a rundown of 5 pressures the NHS faces.

NHS Hot Topics_ Migrant Entitlement to NHS Services

NHS Hot Topics: Migrant Entitlement to NHS Services

6th February 2018

Here, we explore the Immigration Act, 'health tourism' and how migrants can access healthcare services provided by the NHS.

NHS Hot Topics 2017: NHS Funding

5th December 2017

What are the key challenges facing NHS funding - and what might you be asked at interview? Find out in our new hot topics blog!

NHS Hot Topics- Primary Care Pressures

NHS Hot Topics 2017: Primary Care Pressures

23rd November 2017

This blog explores GP services and the pressures facing primary care - and potential questions you may be asked in a med school interview!

NHS Hot Topics- Ageing Population

NHS Hot Topics 2017: Ageing Population

15th November 2017

How can we solve an ageing population? Read more about one of the key hot topics of 2017 here.


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