Medical Student

A person is interviewed for medical school

Interview Tips I Wish I’d Known

5th January 2021

A UCL student shares the interview tips they wish they'd known about

What Motivates You To Study Medicine?

28th January 2020

What motivates you to study medicine? Here are some interesting answers from medical students in different years of their med school journey.

5 Top Tips for Staying Motivated at the End of Term

3rd December 2019

The winter term is the most tiring and by the last few weeks, it's hard to stay motivated and not switch to holiday mode early. Here are our top tips.

medical school exam

6 Top Tips for Succeeding in Your First Medical School Exam

21st November 2019

Looking for tips to help you succeed in your first medical school exams? Read on for the best tips that will see you through the stressful season.

Medical school Manchester

Diaries of a Manchester Medical Student – Part Two

Are you keeping up to date with the diaries of our Manchester medical school student? Read on to find out what she's been getting up to lately.

Study medicine in the UK

Making the Move to Study Medicine in the UK

12th November 2019

Making the move overseas to study medicine in the UK is a daunting task. Find out how one student relocated from the other side of the world to the UK!

David Brill Making a Medic

Q&A with David Brill – Author of Making a Medic

7th November 2019

We spoke to David Brill, author of Making a Medic about the inspiration behind his new book, the challenges facing aspiring medics and the advice he'd give!

Medical school stress

Dealing with Stress as a Medical Student

29th October 2019

Is studying medicine stressing you out? Find out how to effectively deal with medical school stress as a current medical school student.

Clinical placement

How to Make the Most of an Early Clinical Placement

An early clinical placement at medical school is a fantastic opportunity to learn more. Find out how to make the most of your time doing so.

Medical school Manchester

Diaries of a Manchester Medical Student – Part One

23rd October 2019

Find out what a typical week in the life of a medical school student in Manchester involved, from PBL sessions to anatomy classes and everything in between.


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