David Brill Making a Medic

Q&A with David Brill – Author of Making a Medic

7th November 2019

We spoke to David Brill, author of Making a Medic about the inspiration behind his new book, the challenges facing aspiring medics and the advice he'd give!


Top 6 Medical TV Shows to Watch Over Christmas

11th December 2018

From House to Scrubs, here's our list of top 6 medical TV shows to watch over the Christmas holidays!

Dr Gregory House

5 Favourite Fictional Medics

From Dr. House to Dr Perry Cox, here we list our favourite fictional doctors. Who's your favourite? Vote here!

Secret Diaries of a Junior Doctor

This is Going to Hurt: a Q&A with Adam Kay

18th July 2018

We speak to Adam Kay about his best-selling book, This is Going to Hurt, and his advice to aspiring medics...


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