mmi interview tips

Top Six Tips MMI Interview Tips

22nd October 2019

Receiving an interview offer is an exciting step but you might be nervous about your upcoming MMI. Use these six MMI interview tips to help you complete it!

Life at King's College London

Medical School Insight: Life at King’s College London

10th October 2019

Want to find out what studying medicine and life at King's College London is really like? Read on to discover one student's experience of studying there.

What to wear to a medical school interview

What To Wear To A Medical School Interview

10th December 2018

In our latest #AskAMedStudent blog, Masumah has some helpful advice for what to wear to a medical school interview and how to make a good first impression...

how can i prepare for starting alevels

#AskAMedStudent: How Can I Prepare for Starting A-Levels?⠀

16th August 2018

Masumah discusses how to prepare for your A-Levels over the summer so you're fully prepared...

how do i choose a medical school

#AskAMedStudent: How Should I Choose a Med School?⠀

23rd July 2018

In this blog, a current med student gives her advice on how to choose the right med school for you...


#AskAMedStudent: What Extracurriculars Do You Need for a Competitive Application?⠀

4th June 2018

In this blog, Masumah gives her advice on which extracurriculars can boost your application.

is it too late for revision

#AskAMedStudent: Is It Too Late to Start Revising for A-Levels?⠀

29th May 2018

If you've been putting off your revision, here are some last minute tips!

how much do gcse grades matter

#AskAMedStudent: How Much Do GCSE Grades Matter?⠀

18th April 2018

In this post, Masumah explores how important GCSE grades are when applying to medicine.

how can i find out if medicine is right for me

#AskAMedStudent: How Can I Find Out If Medicine Is For Me?

3rd April 2018

In this post, Masumah suggests practical ways of figuring out if medicine is the right career for you.

How did you revise for your a-levels

#AskAMedStudent: How Can I Get the Top A-Level Grades?

20th March 2018

Welcome to our brand new blog series, #AskAMedStudent! Every fortnight we'll be asking your questions to a current medical student.


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