2020 Entry

Writing your personal statement

How to Start Writing Your Personal Statement

26th August 2020

If you're excited about applying to study medicine but the thought of writing your personal statement fills you with dread, follow these top tips!

MMI stress

5 Top Tips for Dealing with MMI Stress

30th October 2019

Follow these five top tips to ease your worries and MMI stress and perform to the best of your abilities on the day of your interview.

UCAT Final Scores

11th October 2019

See our analysis of the final UCAT Scores. Find out where your score ranks!

A girl sits on some concrete steps outside with her laptop and backpack surrounding her

How to Structure UCAT Preparation

21st August 2019

If you're applying to med school, you're probably wondering how to structure UCAT preparation. Use these top tips to help you prepare in advance!


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