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medicine offer

5 Things to Do After You Get An Offer

18th March 2021

Follow these five tips from a third-year Med Student to make the most of this exciting opportunity!

student who hasn't received a-level requirements for medicine

What to do if you don’t get the A-level requirements for Medicine

5th August 2020

Didn't get the grades you were hoping for? Don't panic! This blog will help you plan your next steps so you can be prepared and feel in control.

Mistakes not to make at med school

Five Mistakes Not to Make in Your First Year at Med School

11th September 2019

Feeling nervous about starting med school? Read on to discover the top five mistakes not to make at med school during your first year!

Worries about starting med school

5 Worries About Starting Med School

3rd September 2019

It's natural to feel worried about going to university. Discover the answers to common worries about starting med school to help ease your nerves.

Tips for starting medical school

Top Five Tips For Starting Medical School

27th August 2019

The first few days at medical school can be quite a nerve-wracking experience. If you're looking for tips for starting med school, look no further!

A group of university students sit in a communal area and socialise

5 Top Tips to be Prepared for Freshers’ Week

16th July 2019

Moving to university and going through freshers' week can be a daunting experience. Use these tips to help you prepare for freshers' week.

5 Tips for Preparing for Med School Over the Summer

10th June 2019

It's time to rest, relax and do a bit of preparation for starting medical school.

5 Questions to Ask on Med School Open Days

15th April 2019

Not sure how to make the most of open days? Here are five key questions to ask...

5 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Medical School

5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Making Your Medical School Choices

11th April 2019

Here are five key things to consider before making your med school choices.

medical school offer waiting

The Dos & Don’ts of Waiting for Medical School Offers

13th February 2019

Here are some traps to avoid whilst waiting for medical school offers- including browsing student forums. Click here for our dos and don'ts!


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