3 Reasons To Get Medical Work Experience During 6th Form


In light of results day, you will naturally be thinking about the years ahead of you. Sixth form is a brilliant time for aspiring medics; not only do you get to learn the solid foundations of biology and chemistry – foundations that you will build on for the rest of your career – but you will also make life-changing decisions about your university and course. Where you decide to study and what steps you take to get there will be decided in the next two years, and that’s something to be excited about!

Why sixth form is the best time for work experience

We know you’ll be busy, but the next stage of your education is the best time to get some work experience under your belt. Here are a few reasons why:

1. You can use your holidays wisely

You will have lots of half term breaks across the next couple of years, as well as spring and summer holidays. These are great pockets of time to complete some work experience. Whilst you still get these holidays at university, you might be too snowed under with revision, a part-time job, or other responsibilities. At Gap Medics, we understand that students don’t always have predictable schedules, which is why we run hospital work experience placements every single week of the year.

As more and more people apply for medicine courses – and get the grades to qualify for them – it’s increasingly difficult for admissions panels to decide who to accept and who to reject. Anything you can do to stand out from the crowd is worth doing – one of the key things being work experience.

2. It shows your dedication to study

Your future tutors will not expect to see that you have performed open heart surgery – in fact, many frown upon ‘hands on’ work experience before you are medically trained. What they will like the sound of is a student who has observed professionals at work and fully understands the career path they want to pursue. That’s why our placements are purely observational, and have helped thousands of students enhance their applications to medical school.

3. Get the ultimate insight before it’s too late

Last (but by no means least), doing work experience in sixth form gives you the chance to make the most crucial decision of all: to change your mind. If you haven’t yet committed to the time and financial outlay of a medical degree, then work experience is just as important in telling you what you don’t want to do as much as it is to tell you what you do want to do. Many of our students leave their placements with a clear idea of what medical path they’d like to pursue, even if it isn’t the specialism they originally anticipated. Changing your mind at this stage is much easier than later on in your career – and what better way to find out than by hearing about the role from real professionals!

Whatever stage of your journey you decide to do some work experience, it will always be a career-enhancing experience. But with lots of choice still to make in sixth form, our question is: why wait?

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Uploaded by Gap Medics on 24 August, 2016


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