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UCAT practice questions are essential preparation for the test.

This page will offer insights into why UCAT questions are so important – and how to use them.

If you prefer to dive straight in, head to our UCAT Question Bank and discover your score now!

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Getting Started with UCAT Practice Questions

Early on, working through UCAT practice questions will allow you to familiarise yourself with the look and feel of the exam and try all the different question types.

This is critical because the UCAT isn’t like other exams. Aside from the questions themselves, taking a computer-based test is a new challenge in itself!

Cement UCAT Strategy with Practice

Later, questions help you to practise and cement key the strategies you’ve learnt during a UCAT Course, or after reading a strategy book.

You might know about skim-reading in verbal reasoning and how to tackle certain question types. But only through repetition will this become second nature.

Target Your Weaknesses

By doing these questions, seeing answer explanations and generating scores, you’ll quickly learn where you’re strong and weak. This, in turn, will allow you to focus your revision.

If, like the statistical majority of UCAT takers, you’re doing well with Quantitative Reasoning but struggling with Verbal Reasoning, you can brush up on this topic.

Good question banks, like ours, will show you exactly where you’re struggling and allow you to practice continually in that area.

Get Used to UCAT Timing

UCAT is a very time-pressured exam. Practice questions allow you to get used to this.

At first, you might want to practice with few time restrictions. Then you can add increasingly tough time limits as you get better.

Remember: one of the most important UCAT tips is not to spend ages on one question.

If you’re struggling with a question and notice yourself allocating a lot of time to it, make an educated guess and move on.

Our UCAT Question Bank

Unlike BMAT, there are no ‘UCAT past papers’. That’s because the test is computer generated.

Our UCAT Question Bank allows you to practice thousands of questions, see solutions, track your revision schedule and measure your scores against other candidates.

Try Our UCAT Question Bank




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