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Swansea Medicine Interview Tips

Swansea - Med School Interview Tips

Swansea is quite unique in that it is one of just a few medical schools that only offer a graduate medicine programme. Here are five tips if you secure an interview there!

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1. Know the structure of your Swansea medicine interview

If you are offered an interview at Swansea, then you will be invited to attend their assessment centre on a specific day. Here you will have to do a 30-minute Situational Judgement Test (written) followed by two 20-minute interviews.

The interviewers may be clinicians, academics, medical students and/or members of the public. I would make sure you are comfortable talking and engaging to a wide range of different people with different experiences before your interview, to make you feel as comfortable as possible on the day.

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2. Make sure you know your personal statement inside out

In the interviews, Swansea state that your personal statement will be ‘considered and discussed’. It’s very important you go through your personal statement again before your interview to remind yourself of it.

I would recommend going through it with a highlighter and picking out parts interviewers may focus on and ensure you can talk confidently about them. For example, if you mentioned some work experience, think about everything you learnt from it and how you could reflect on it.

Or if you’ve spoken about a specific procedure/treatment do some further research around that topic.

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3. Know what Swansea are looking for

The Swansea medicine interview is based around the qualities stated in the GMC ‘Good Medical Practice’ and ‘Outcomes for Graduates’. I would advise reading these documents before your interview, so you are aware of what is expected of doctors, and what they will be looking for at interview. The main qualities that the interviews are based around are:  

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4. Look at the course at Swansea

It might be that you are asked about the course at Swansea in your interview so it’s important you’ve thought about why it might suit you!

So, make sure before your interview you are aware of the course and the unique features of studying medicine at Swansea.

For example, Swansea use a spiral curriculum with case-based learning so think how this would benefit you and how you’d suit this way of learning.

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Words: Rachael Foulsham

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