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Sheffield Medicine Interview Tips

Sheffield- Med School Interview Tips

If you have successfully secured an interview at Sheffield, then you will do a Multiple Mini Interview (MMI). I was lucky enough to get an offer from Sheffield after my interview so here are my top 5 tips for doing well at your MMI at Sheffield.  

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1. Check Sheffield’s website

The medical school at Sheffield are very open in their admissions process and give detailed information about this and their course on their website. Use this information to your advantage! Look at their website to find out all the details of the course to prepare for any interview questions on this.

Sheffield’s website also gives information on what the MMI stations are typically based on:

Use this to base your preparation around and to be aware of what Sheffield are wanting to know about you.

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2. Know the city and course

Sheffield is a city university so the majority of your time as a medical student will be spent in and around the city. Before your interview, get to know important things about the city/university and what appeals to you about it.

Also, make sure you have researched the course thoroughly and know the structure of it. For example, that Sheffield use integrated learning and is clinically lead. Interviewers are likely going to want to know why you have chosen Sheffield and what interests you about it.

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3. Know the timings of a Sheffield medicine interview 

A Sheffield medicine interview consists of 8 MMI stations which are each 8 minutes long. 8 minutes is quite a long time for one station, so I would recommend practising this. Get a friend, parent or teacher to ask you some common interview questions in this time span so you are used to talking for longer periods of time.

Also, use the time in between stations to relax and focus on the next station. You might have just had a bad station but it’s important to move on from that and focus on the next one.

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4. Be aware that interviewers do not have access to your personal statement

Unlike at other medical schools, interviewers at Sheffield will not have seen your personal statement. Also, Sheffield medicine interview questions will not be based specifically on your personal statement.

However, many of the questions asked will probably be similar to the types of things you wrote in your personal statement.

I would recommend to still be very aware of what you wrote in your personal statement as this is likely to be information about yourself that you’ll want interviewers to know. For example, think about the work experience you’ve done, any extracurricular activities etc. and try to bring these up in your answers where appropriate.

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5. Know who your interviewers will be

In your Sheffield medicine interview, there will be a variety of different people posing as interviewers, from medical students to junior doctors. Be aware of this so you are happy talking to a variety of people with different medical related roles.

Words: Rachel Foulsham

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