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Medical Projects

Finding Hospital Work Experience with Medical Projects

Gaining hospital work experience is more crucial than ever. Each year there are over 110,000 applications to UK medical schools in competition for around 10,000 places. Having work experience that you can reflect upon can boost your personal statement and give you impressive talk points in interviews.

One way to guarantee hospital work experience is through a reputable provider such as Medical Projects. They run structured hospital placements that guarantee time shadowing Doctors and Consultants in a range of Departments.

How do Medical Projects guarantee hospital work experience?

It is very difficult to gain places in UK hospitals and clinics this is why Medical Projects have partnerships with international hospitals in Europe, Asia and Africa. You can travel with Medical Projects and gain work experience in a partner hospital of your choice.

There are currently three places you can complete your work experience:

 What’s included in a Medical Projects placement?

Supported by UK Doctors and Medical Students

Medical Projects have UK Medical Students and UK Doctors at each project to run the interview sessions and clinical training sessions. This is a unique advantage of a Medical Projects placement, you gain expert advice and guidance as well as your hospital work experience. To find out more about gaining hospital work experience, you can call them on 0191 704 2064 or click the button below.

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