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Empathy Questions

Do you know how to be empathetic? It is a vital skill needed by doctors! This range of Medical School interview questions will test your empathy skills!

Are You Ready For Empathy Questions?

Try our empathy quiz and see if you're ready to take on these questions during your Med School interview - or if you need a little longer practising these

Interview Tips: Empathy

It's notoriously hard to show empathy in your interview. Follow these tips and you'll ace the empathy element

Empathy and Communication

As a healthcare professional you need to be able to display empathy. This can be asked about in panel based interviews, or may feature as a role playing station in MMIs. We’ll look at both empathy and communication skills questions, showing you how to structure your answers for maximum marks. Key points covered: The difference…

Understanding the difference between sympathy and empathy

What's the difference between sympathy and empathy? In this post, our writer details the difference between them, and the importance of empathy in Medicine.

Webinar Series: How To Build Your Medicine Application

Get expert help with building your Med School application! Everything you need to know from UCAS applications to Med School shortlisting.

MMI Station: Role Play

What to expect from your virtual MMI Role Play station - and how to tackle it

How Teachers Can Help Students Secure Volunteering Opportunities

If you're a teacher, find out how you can help support your students' Medicine application.

MMI Professional Judgement

Everything you need to know about professional judgement stations - with tips for performing well


Everything you need to know about the UCAT ANZ - including what the test involves, which universities require it, and the key dates


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